A.M.E.N. Automatic money earning network. #endpoverty

Send emails to busy websites asking them to incorporate an advertising button on their site and offering them a slice of the profits for orders.

Create a website that the buttons are hyperlinked to for taking orders. Set up a computer/machine to be automatic and self maintaining (with some simple robotics) that orders and loads its consumables then packs and addresses its output and arranges a courier to pick up and deliver the product. It will work 24/7 without wages so whatever it produces will be very competitive in price and should be very easy to market.

Incorporate cameras and sensors linked to a tablet or phone for quality control and unforeseen problems. Use some of the profits to expand the business and maybe employ people to take over quality control and set up more machines and advertising.

Costing just a few thousand dollars and a few months initial work, anyone with a little imagination can do it. It's just an idea but when everyone can be productive and self sufficient, it will take away any need to steal from others. An end to robbery, taxes (if governments make their own), pensions, world hunger, child slavery, wars and terrorism to name a few. (Imagine trying to recruit terrorists when everyone is already rich or knows they can be without taking from others).

Instead of subscription to forces, governments will need to force people to do the work that machines can't do yet but without the need to work for money, we can all live in luxury when we get home. If money is the root of all evil, this idea will give satan the flick. It's a gift of money and time to enjoy it for everyone.

To clarify further...

I agree that many identify with their work. For people who enjoy their job and the company of their workmates, this idea can simply be used as an extra form of income. There is often a feeling of accomplishment associated with the work ethic. Most people don't want to just waste their lives and although a life of leisure might seem attractive at first, it could soon become boring. Also, there are many jobs that machines cannot yet do. The people doing these jobs should be able to share in the wealth by asking for higher wages. People in general will soon be able to pay them more as productivity and wealth increases.

I read that in North Korea they have built a factory full of robots that builds cars. My idea is to do the same thing on a small scale. Buy a small simple machine, eg. a printer, and automate it and virtually anyone can have their own personal money making machine that doesn't involve counterfeit.

If you're not technically adept, pay to have one built. For just a few thousand dollars (or less) and some time spreading advertising buttons on the net linked to an order page, it becomes a numbers game. A percentage of people will buy whatever your machine produces especially as your prices can be very competitive compared to any machine/operator system. You are still being productive so there is no conflict of morals here. It's just that you're using your brains and imagination to do your work.

The machine can be one that makes hair clips, shoelaces or whatever. I suggest something simple. As long as it is safely housed with regard to fire etc. and has sensors for quality control and such, it means the owner can then enjoy their life doing a worthwhile job or following their dreams of becoming a musician, inventor, scientist, artist or whatever. If they prefer, they can have long holidays with their family and/or friends while the work is still being done.

I also agree that this vision needs a change in the human mindset but I believe that will happen as a consequence. As I've said before, there's not much point in stealing from others anymore if a machine can give you all you need. The technology is readily available.

Do a little research into the costs then compare it with the benefits. I think the idea of retirement or working in a choice job is attractive and will change the world. For the better. I want this idea shared by all. I don't like discrimination.

To all the people using guilt to get help from others, I'm explaining how you can stop and look after yourselves. To all the people who want to help others, I'm explaining how you can do just that with little effort. An Automatic Money Earning Network like the one I have described could feed a family or village for years. It also has a nice ring to it :) So be it.

If you don't believe it's an idea worth trying or not possible, well that's your prerogative and opinion and loss. Come up with a better idea. Imagine how your life could change if you did make it work. Believe in yourself. I do.